Central Office


A central office (or Intergroup) is an A.A. service office that involves partnership among groups in a community – just as A.A. groups themselves are partnerships of individuals. A central office is established to carry out certain functions common to all the groups – functions which are best handled by a centralized office – and it is usually maintained, supervised, and supported by these groups in their general interest. It exists to aid the groups in their common purpose of carrying the A.A. message to the alcoholic who still suffers. 
– taken from “A.A. Guidelines – Central or Intergroup Offices”



By providing an Alcoholics Anonymous listing in the local telephone directory, the Central Office receives inquiries from those seeking help. We may refer the caller to a nearby A.A. group, or have a “twelfth stepper” contact them. Our Central Office is also the ideal contact with those in the community seeking information about A.A. We work in close cooperation with the Public Information (PI) and Cooperation with the Professional Community (CPC) committees. The Central Office is a primary contact for local correctional and treatment facilities. We make arrangements to provide literature and volunteers for their meetings, and can help arrange contacts for those about to be released, if requested.


At regular intervals, the Central Office publishes and distributes an up-to-date list of meetings and other information about A.A. services in the local area.


Central Office, particularly in context with Intergroup meetings, provides a clearinghouse for the circulation and exchange of event and program information among all the groups in the community. We copy groups’ flyers for distribution, put information in our local newsletter, “The Gratitude Times”, and share information on the Central Office Website.


Several times throughout the year, the Chattanooga Intergroup holds a variety of supportive events for the fellowship which raise funds to help support Central Office. We also help announce other special events being offered by individual groups in our area.


Central Office carries a variety of items available for sale from AAWS/Grapevine.  Please let Intergroup know if your group would like the office to stock any of the Grapevine literature that isn’t currently in inventory.


Position Title: Greater Chattanooga Central Office Manager
Reports to: Greater Chattanooga Central Office Board
Status: Non-Exempt
Supervises: Office Service Workers
Works along with: All Intergroup Committee Chairs and Central Office Board

Overview: The Greater Chattanooga Central Office Manager (GCCOM) is the focal point of AA’s contact and communications for the Chattanooga Central Office of Alcoholics Anonymous and must be responsive to the needs of AA groups and members.  The GCCOM must also have the ability to effectively represent the area AA groups as the primary point of contact for outside individuals and agencies seeking general information about AA.

The GCCOM functions under the guidance and supervision of the Greater Chattanooga Central Office Board (GCCOB).  The nature of the position is such that working hours may be flexible and delegation to service workers will be utilized to complete office operation. All applicants must be willing to submit to a background verification check and all new employees are subject to a standard 90-day probationary period and employment is at will.


  • Minimum of two years continuous sobriety in Alcoholics Anonymous
  • Group service experience
  • General administrative experience in office management, public relations. Proficiency in computer business software.  Knowledge of Tennessee Sales Tax and IRS Employment Tax policy and filing processes and procedures.
  • Understanding of the AA Service Structure from the group level to the General Service Office; familiarity with the AA Service Manual.
  • Must work at least one Monday night per month at the monthly GCCOB and the Greater Chattanooga Intergroup (GCI) meeting. Must be flexible on other occasions where the GCI is involved in community projects and special events.

Required Skills:

  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Strong problem solving, networking and follow-up skills
  • Must be able to maintain a high level of confidentiality
  • Must be organized and the ability to multi-task in a rapidly changing environment
  • Must have the ability, adaptability and desire to work with an always changing volunteer leadership and staff of the Intergroup and always changing issues
  • Willingness to accept feedback.
  • Must be able lift, push pull 30 lbs.

Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Delegate the following tasks to service workers when appropriate or as available.
    • Manage the response to all incoming calls and visits from the suffering and recovering alcoholic, as well as those wishing to help them.
    • Maintain a current list of meetings and events and update the website, app and meeting list accordingly.
  • Recruit, train and coordinate service workers for the after-hours calls in coordination with the DCMs and their volunteers. Maintain after-hours call calendar. Backup the after-hours calls when calls are not answered.
  • Update office procedures as needed.
  • Recruit, coordinate and train Service Workers to staff the office. Maintain Service Worker Calendar.  Delegate and oversee tasks completed by service workers.
  • Attend monthly GCCOB meetings and GCI meetings. Represent Greater Chattanooga Central Office and Intergroup at special events as needed.
  • Coordinate inventory sales and booth set up at special events.
  • Serve as point of contact between service entities and local groups.
  • Act as a liaison to community organizations. Represent Greater Chattanooga Central Office and GCI at special events as needed.
  • Maintain databases, including tracking incoming group donations. Monthly reconciliation of bank accounts. Pay monthly bills.
  • Create, edit, design, print and disseminate meeting directories, newsletters, bookmarks, pamphlets or any items requested by the Central Office Board, Intergroup Standing Committee Chairs and local group GSRs.
  • Create and maintain updated Service Worker Guide for all office duties.
  • The GCCOM shall remind the GCCOB three months prior to the GCCOM anniversary date that an appraisal should be done. Ultimately, however, the GCCOB is responsible for conducting any appraisal or review.
  • Advise GCCOB of any changes that may evolve in the responsibilities and duties of the GCCOM position. Since the composition of the GCCOB changes every 2 years, the GCCOM is responsible for updating the GCCOB on the changes that might naturally occur in what the GCCOM’s job entails.
  • Work with GCI members to produce reports for GCCOB and GCI monthly meetings.
  • Prepare and make weekly bank deposits. Maintain bookkeeping and financial statements and reports, including deposits and reconciliations.
  • Negotiate, source and research pricing and products with vendors. Purchase supplies as needed online or in store. Maintain and gain new tax exempt and wholesale accounts with vendors.
  • Liaison with landlord.
  • Order, research, maintain, receive and price inventory. Order and mail out special orders as needed.
  • Coordinate building maintenance/ janitorial services to provide a safe and clean environment. Maintain office equipment and work space.
  • Respond to email, phone and print requests for information in a timely manner.
  • Coordinate regular inventories and research irregularities. Develop and implement inventory and money management system.
  • Design and maintain the Greater Chattanooga Central Office website with assistance from the webmaster, if available. Research, implement and train staff on new programs. Troubleshoot computers, printers, website and programs. Update information as needed.
  • Attend yearly Intergroups/Central Offices of AA Convention. Self-train as needed.
  • Maintain 10-12 working hours per week.
  • Willing to drive to complete errands.
  • Prepare monthly GCCOB and GCI meeting agenda.
  • Keep list of and remind GCI Committee of yearly office obligations- fundraisers, GCCOB Meeting, Staff Evaluation, Tennessee Annual Report, Vendor Sales or Inventory events, Elections, Website Renewal
  • Maintain list of service opportunities and projects for service workers.
  • Develop working knowledge of MS Office, Quickbooks, MS Publisher, Square Credit Card Processing, WordPress and MailChimp
  • File and pay all required tax forms for the city, county, state and federal government.
  • All duties required by the GCCOB.

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