New Meetings

Below are meetings that are within their first 6 months of existence and could really use our support. These meetings are not yet found in the Meeting Guide App.

      • Turning Point – Online
        Sun – Sat@ 8:00pm, Zoom Meeting
        Zoom meeting ID: 896 044 5396, Password: Jones
        [added 11/13/2021,  D83]
      • Richard City Group
        Wednesday@ 7:00pm First Baptist Church (Service hall in back)
        1800 Hamilton Avenue, South Pittsburgh, TN 37380
        [added 12/27/2021, D10]
      • AA Meeting
        Tuesday@ 5:30pm The Loft Church @ Chestua Campground
        104 Campground Road, Madisonville, TN 37354
        [added 01/21/2022, D07]

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