Chattanooga TN

Groups and Meetings in Surrounding Districts

DISTRICT 3 AL - Dekalb County AL

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Updated December 2018.

Bradley County

  • ODAAT Club, 255 Broad Street SW, Cleveland TN.
    • Bradley Memorial Group   (PRINTABLE SCHEDULE)
      • Monday - Friday 12:00 noon, OPEN discussion;
      • Monday, 6:00pm OPEN discussion;
      • Tuesday 7:00pm OPEN Big Book Study
      • Wednesday 7:00pm CLOSED Discussion;
      • Thursday 6:00pm WOMENS OPEN Discussion;
      • Thursday 6:00pm MENS CLOSED Discussion;
      • Friday 7:00pm OPEN discussion
      • Saturday 12:00 noon, CLOSED Big Book/Step Study;
      • Saturday 7:00pm OPEN discussion/speaker last Saturdays;
      • Sunday 8:30am OPEN discussion;
      • Sunday 7:00pm OPEN discussion.

McMinn County

  • Athens Happy Hour Group
    714 Walter St, Cooke's Methodist Church, Athens TN
    Monday 5:30pm, OPEN Discussion.
  • McMinn Co. Support Group
    14 Congress Pkwy, Christ Community Church, Athens TN
    • Monday 7:00pm, OPEN Discussion;
    • Wednesday 7:00pm, OPEN Big Book Study;
    • Friday 7:00pm OPEN Discussion.
  • Unity Group
    USW Union Hall, College St. off Hwy 163, Calhoun TN.
    • Sunday 10:00am OPEN Discussion.
  • Etowah Turning Point Group
    First Christian Church, 7th & Ohio, Etowah TN.
    Tuesday 8:00pm OPEN Discussion.
  • Etowah Turning Point Group
    Presbyterian Church, 401 Richardson St, Etowah, TN
    Thursday 8:00pm, CLOSED Discussion.
  • 2nd Chance Group
    17 S. White St, Athens, TN
    Saturday 8:00pm, OPEN Discussion

Meigs County

  • Decatur Fellowship Group
    City Court Bldg, 17454 Hwy 58 North, Decatur
    Sunday 7:00pm, OPEN Discussion

Monroe County

  • Tellico Plains AA Group
    Tellico Plains Community Center, 351 River Rd. Decatur TN
    Saturday 8:00pm, OPEN Discussion.
  • Monroe County Support Group
    Courthouse Basement, 105 College St. South, Madisonville TN
    Monday, Noon, 12x12; OPEN Step Study.
  • Downtown Fellowship Group,
    139 College St. South, Madisonville TN
    Thursday 8:00pm CLOSED Discussion.
  • Back to Basics
    675 Hwy 68, Century 21 Bldg, Sweetwater
    Wednesday 5:30pm CLOSED Discussion.
  • Get Your Weekend Started Out Right Group
    1st Methodist Church, 143 College St. North, Madisonville TN
    Friday 5:30pm; OPEN Discussion.
  • It's In the Book Group
    Sunday 8:00pm, OPEN Big Book Study
    Sweetwater Hospital Cafeteria, 304 Wright Street

Polk County

  • YANA Group (Copperhill)
    First United Methodist Church, 146 Scenic Drive, Copperhill TN
    Thursday 6:00pm OPEN Discussion.

Rhea County

  • Together We Can Group, Dayton
    Dayton Community Church Corner of Hwy 30 and Mulberry St., Dayton
    Tuesday, Friday - 6:30pm - Type: Open Discussion
    Wednesday - 6:30pm - Open Big Book Study
  • Wolf Creek Group, Spring City
    Sunday: 8:00pm, United Methodist Church, Picadilly Ave. & Church St.,
    Type: Open Discussion



CLICK HERE for a printable schedule of District 10 meetings

  • Dunlap TN Fellowship Group
    Contact: 423-999-4885.
    United Methodist Church, 1958 Main Street, Dunlap.
    Sun 2:00PM (BBS), Tue 5:00PM (O/D),
    Sat 9:00AM (O/D). All times are Central Time.
  • Jasper TN - Marion County Group
    Contact: Arnie 941-713-2594 or David 423-994-1258.
    Sun 6:00PM (O/D), Tue 7:00PM (O/D), Wed 7:00PM (O/D), Thu 7:00PM (O/D).
    McKendree United Methodist Church @ 106 HWY 150, Jasper TN
  • Monteagle TN Fellowship Group
    Contact: 931-280-0756.
    Holy Comforter Church, 16 1st Street and US HWY 41 Monteagle.
    Sun 6:30PM (O/D), Wed 7:30PM (O/D), Fri 7:00AM (O/D).
  • Sewanee TN
    Sewanee Group (Brooks Hall, Sewanee)
    Contact: David B. 423-280-0756
    Tue 7:30PM (O/Literature Study), Sat 7:30PM (O/D).
    Loosey Goosey Group (Brooks Hall, Sewanee)
    Contact: Nonie A. 931-924-3493
    Thu 12:00PM (O/D)
    Midway No Frills Big Book Study Group
    (St. James Episcopal Church 898 Midway Rd, Sewanee)
    Contact: Garry C. 931-598-9562
    Thu 7:00PM (C/BB)
  • Clifftops' Bluffside Clubhouse Meeting
    Contact: Nonie A. 931-924-3493
    Stop at front gate; tell the guard you're "a friend of Bill W."
    Go to the stop sign, turn left, go to the end of road.
    Wed 10:00AM (C/D).
  • Tracy City TN
    Christ Episcopal Church, 530 10th St, Tracy City
    Contact:931-692-3931, 931-592-7014.
    Monday 7:00pm OD Friday 7:00pm OD.


Click here for a printable schedule of all District 15 meetings.
Updated Dec 20, 2018
Dalton GA

  • One Day at a Time Group
    Dalton Serenity Club, 720 N. Hamilton St. 706-270-0524
    All meetings are Non-Smoking.
    Monday - Saturday 1:00pm OD.
    Sunday 5:30pm BBS
    Tuesday 5:30pm SS
    Thursday 5:30pm OD
    Friday 5:30pm OD.

Calhoun GA

  • Calhoun Group of AA
    318 N. River St. Calhoun GA 30701
    Monday, Wednesday, Saturday 7:00pm OD.

Chickamauga GA

  • Chickamauga Study Group
    Chickamauga Presbyterian 700 West 7th. St.
    Tuesday 8:00pm OD.

Ft.Oglethorpe GA

  • Dry Dock Group
    Church of the Nativity, 1201 Cross St.
    Sunday and Thursday, 8:00pm OD.

Lafayette GA

  • Lafayette Fellowship Group
    First Methodist Church 207 S. Main St. Lafayette GA
    F55riday 8:00pm OD

Murray County GA

  • Murray County Group
    The Rock Building, Murray County GA
    Tuesday 8:00pm OD.

Rossville GA

  • Sharing Hope Group
    Newman Springs Methodist Church, Lakeview Drive
    Wednesday & Saturday 8:00pm OD.

Summerville GA

  • Simply Sober Group
    142 Railroad Circle, Summerville GA
    DAILY 8:00pm CD.
  • Summerville group
    Civil Defense Building, 172 Farrar Drive
    Monday 8:00pm CD, Thursday 8:00pm OD/SLM.

Trenton GA

  • Back to Basics Group
    Piney Grove Baptist Church, bldg behind gym
    Tuesday 8:00pm OD BBS.