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Hixson Serenity Club
5695 Middle Valley Road, Hixson

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Groups that meet Here

Early Meeting

Meets: Monday - Saturday, 8:00am,
Type: OPEN Discussion


Hixson Mid-Day Group

Meets: Monday - Saturday, 12:00 noon,
           Sunday, 1:00pm
Type: OPEN Discussion


Mens Meeting

Meets: Sunday 9:00am, Type: MENS OPEN Discussion


Women's Soberinity Group

Meets: Tuesday, 6:45pm,
Type: WOMEN'S CLOSED Discussion


Beginner's Meeting

Meets: Wednesday, 6:45pm,
Type: STUDY of Living Sober Book


Young at Heart Group

Meets: Sunday, 3:00pm
Type: OPEN Discussion


A Vision for You Group

Meets daily, 5:30pm and 8:00pm
Type: 5:30pm -
Mon, Tue, Thur-Sun: Open Discussion.
Wed, Closed Discussion
Type: 8:00pm - Mon: Closed Discussion;
Tue: Open Discussion; Wed: Closed Discussion;
Thur: Closed BBS; Fri: Open Speaker;
Sat-Sun: Closed Discussion

APRIL Speakers:

  • 04/07: Jim M.
  • 04/14: Blue R.
  • 04/21: Carol H.
  • 04/28: Michael H.


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NOTE: AA meetings go on as scheduled on holidays! Most of us drank on holidays, so we go to meetings on holidays.

Look for special holiday activities at the local clubhouses.